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Passenger Management

In a corporate flight department, managing passengers is no easy feat. Unlike other operators, they face unique challenges. They may operate different flying models, from shuttle flights to connecting business locations, which require complex seat booking management. Add ad-hoc flight requests and personal use scenarios to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for complexity and reporting.

Corporate flight department members are multi-skilled and multi-rolled, with a multitude of other roles to perform. If they’re bombarded with passenger requests through email, phone, and SMS, it can be a time-consuming task just managing the changes to the manifest. Factor in the complexity of managing different staff priorities based on seniority, dealing with excess demand, wait listing, tracking guests, dependents, and other traveler types, and it’s easy to see how overwhelming it can become.

Without flight operations software that can cope with these complexities or a flexible CRM system that allows for defining passenger relationships, the situation can quickly become unmanageable. With the ongoing COVID pandemic and industry-wide staff shortages, increasing staff count isn’t always a feasible solution. It’s crucial to streamline and simplify the process for staff within the organization and ensure a straightforward, stress-free experience for all.

APIs enabling new passenger management workflows

If you want to conquer the challenges of managing passengers in a corporate flight department, look no further than the myairops flight system. This API-based system lets you build custom applications and workflows, streamlining your passenger operations like never before.

Our customers are able to integrate their HR systems with myairops, so employee information is automatically added to the CRM without any manual data entry. When an employee leaves your company, their record is archived but still available for reporting purposes.

Other corporate flight departments have built their own workflows and mobile applications, empowering employees to manage their trips and book seats from their phones. All of this is possible thanks to myairops flight, the heart of any efficient flight department. Don’t let passenger management stress you out – myairops flight has got you covered.


Integration with existing enterprise systems

Is your corporate flight department feeling like a disconnected part of your business? It’s a common problem, with many flight departments not connecting to finance systems, HR systems, service management, or business reporting and intelligence tools. But with rising costs and operational concerns, it’s more important than ever to integrate aviation systems with existing enterprise systems.

That’s where modern, flexible APIs come in. With version control and integrations with popular finance and service management tools, it’s easy to link your aviation management system to your corporate enterprise. Plus, with the option to access and shape your aviation operational data using ODATA feeds, integration has never been simpler.

Say goodbye to siloed systems and hello to a streamlined, connected operation. Don’t let your corporate flight department feel like an island – integrate today with minimal effort.

Managing crew travel arrangements

If you are a corporate flight department that allows your crew to arrange their own hotels or travel arrangements or the members of the schedulers and dispatchers team arrange it for them there is a high likelihood you are using FlightBridge. The myairops flight system integrates directly with FlightBridge to ensure the latest schedule is within the FlightBridge platform and arrangements that have been made are synchronised with the myairops flight system. 


Organizational considerations 

Corporate flight departments often have more complex requirements around the management of the organization than that of other operators. This could take the form of many different companies, divisions, departments or potentially projects and products. In working with various US corporate flight departments we have learnt that no two operations are alike when needing to track, report and manage based on their organizational constructs. The product supports flexible constructs around these segregations and this is honored throughout trips, the CRM and reporting.

Real time updates for critical information

Corporate flight departments can often face the challenge of travelling to locations that are not well known. Having the most up to date information for airports/heliports, FBOs, and MRO providers is essential. The myairops flight system contains a real-time data feed which is continually updated so your system always has the latest information. In addition the system allows you to capture your won information and your own airports/heliports and will not overwrite those when auto-updating.

Transparent tax calculations

Corporate Flight Departments have long struggled to trust in systems that calculate SIFL without showing any working. Hours are spent every month re-calculating by hand to double check figures. This works for some flights as trust has built up over time that the imputed income calculated is correct, but for each unusual addition to a trip, confusion and manual calculations return once again. myairops de-mystifies SIFL imputed income calculation by showing exactly how the figures were derived. 


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Download: Corporate Flight Department Product Guide