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Powerful aircraft management software

myairops flight is a next generation aircraft management software system built from over 30 years of industry experience.

Delivered as a pure SaaS airops capability, airops flight combines a simple user interface with a powerful set of configurable controls allowing real & near real time data to be displayed to those in your organisation best placed to make operational decisions. This enhanced situational awareness delivered via airops flight’s RESTful API facilitating connectivity with other business critical systems such as finance / billing brings clarity and objectivity to a wide variety of daily decisions from charter pricing to crew availability to supply chain performance to aircraft flight optimisation.

Let us show you how your flight operations can be kept at it’s best with our easy to implement, user friendly SaaS flight management solution.

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flight operations solutions

myairops trip support is a natural extension of the myairops capabilities, with years of experience and extensive knowledge the trip support team understand the importance of efficiencies and automation through the application of technology.

Trip support management services include Trip Planning and Support, Flight Planning, and In-Flight Support. The team is highly experienced with business aviation, commercial aviation and special missions operations, such as air ambulances, across both fixed wing and rotary wing.

myairops can work with you alongside your existing software solutions and products, or can provide a complete end-to-end managed service and product offering. myairops‘ managed services can be purchased either as an annual commitment or pay-as-you-go for those customers who want the flexibility to have no standing commitment.

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flight crew app

Improving crew scheduling and flight operations

Our simple, intuitive, iOS based flight crew app is aimed at reducing and streamlining communications between the flight crew and operational staff.

Available from Apple’s App Store and seamlessly connected with our airops Flight product, the air ops flight crew app allows instantaneous transfer of data on a wide range of subjects such as passenger details, flight crew accommodation / transport, in-cabin repairs, cleaning requirements, passenger feedback, etc. It is also totally configurable to your specific aviation operation requirements.

Currently in use with the US’ largest part 135 business and a major fleet owner, both have reported a substantial decrease in call traffic between flight crews and Flight Ops and improvements in aircraft turnaround times.

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flight crew app

FBO operations software

FBO operations software

myairops FBO is a comprehensive operational solution for the management of your airfield, airport, FBO or ground handling operation. Uniquely designed to facilitate transactions and operational detail from ground handlers, fuel vendors, caterers, cleaners, etc. The simple interface and low learning curve of this complete FBO software solution provides users with the ability to service aircraft operators with ever greater speed and efficiency.

Whether you manage the local airfield, a regional airport, a business aviation hub or an FBO within a major international airport, airops FBO scales to fit the operational requirements of your business.

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fbo operations software


A complete cloud based CAM solution

myairops cam is a cost-effective airworthiness management software designed for airlines, lessors and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations which helps strengthen the operational safety of aircraft fleets, and reduces the risk of non-compliance.

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