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Movement Scheduling

Fast. Efficient. Automated

Comprehensive or quick movement entry encompasses all requested services for your client, leading to a quick-quote turnaround of just a few seconds. Once booked, visibility and control of all your FBO’s related operations is made easy by the at-a-glance interface. Services, Fuel orders, Parking, Hotels and Crew Accommodation, Billing and Invoicing, and much more, are at the user’s fingertips, with further capabilities in Trip Support and Aircraft Brokering a simple addition to further enhance your offerings.   

Real time flight actuals, staff task status and service delivery updates based on feeds from your preferred ATC system, alongside your Operator’s myairops flight Management System, NETJETS’ FMS integration, and/or your staff’s mobile devices, ensure nothing is missed.   

Using role-based access, myairops will configure your staff’s individual interfaces to show only the most relevant data and notifications for their job, rather than unsafely overwhelming them with everything going on across the FBO(s). A further FIDS view capability informs customers and staff of key flight updates from around your facilities. 

Aviation Specific CRM 

Providing personal experiences and enhanced marketing 

What separates you from your competitors can often be razor thin. myairops provides the cutting edge by connecting client data with the tasks allocated to customer facing staff.   

For the first time, users are pushed marketing information, such as personal preferences, as they perform their duties for that flight. As the customer is greeted from the aircraft, your staff await with their preferred title, beverage of choice, and a word of congratulations or shared dismay at the result of their favorite sports team.    

FBOs are often found behind the curve in relation to marketing. myairops helps buck this trend by storing the data that underpins the most successful targeted campaigns, helping your client hear about the services, holiday deals and loyalty discounts on offer when selecting your brand of FBO. 

Automated Tasking Engine 

Removing manual processes with automation

Run your FBO operations smoothly and efficiently, streamlining communications and removing manual processes.  

  • Automatically update Operators or notify suppliers (caterers, chauffeur, fuel providers etc) with individual PAX requirements, delays, cancellations, upcoming Events, etc.  
  • Track and assign tasks and teams via their mobile devices for total oversight of what needs to happen and when. 
  • Tasks can be timed or based on other inputs such as the ATC feed or client Operator’s FMS system. Delays in flight time or a task further alert and delay the other tasks, meaning each component of a successful operation is monitored and carried out efficiently

Fuel and Parking management 

Maximizing parking revenue

We understand that Fuel and Parking management can sometimes be difficult, and certainly stressful. myairops fbo gives you peace of mind by allowing you to manage your parking at any location, at any time, on any date. We provide you with the tools to efficiently plan and manage your parking in the most cost-effective way.  

  • Manage parking and hangarage with visual indication of overlapping demand and location of aircraft, including dates, times, status, aircraft dimensions, etc.  
  • Grant permission for your Airport or Operator to see or share this area of your environment so that you can maximize your offerings.   

Billing Engine

Custom pricing, tax and loyalty calculators 

The highly configurable rules engine automates the allocation of fees by an unlimited combination of variables. Taxes, 3rd party fees, internal commissions and markups, loyalty discounts and more are automatically calculated, reducing pricing errors and preventing revenue loss.   

Free your staffs’ time looking up pricing for each service for that specific flight and have myairops promote additional services such as Hangarage, Accommodation or Fuel based on factors such as availability, or seasons. myairops fbo is far more than a scheduling tool and supports marketing, promotions, and loyalty for your customers.   

Reporting Module

Engaging reports and drill down business insights - within one system 

Our technology provides you with oversight of your organisation. View a combination of metrics across your FBO with our business insights capabilities. Each role has access to the data, reports, graphs and statistics you need to make intelligent, informed decisions.  

By using our intelligent BI and reporting engine, you can explore which customers are using services and where, identifying areas to target with marketing activities and expanding to increase revenue.   


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Network FBOs

Network-wide CRM 

Retention through loyalty

Through our experience of managing our own premium FBO facilities across the globe, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer experiences to your customers. The intuitive network-wide CRM within myairops fbo is designed to allow you and your team to focus on building relationships with customers, whilst providing unrivaled customer service.  

  • Store and action marketing information, such as personal preferences, on customers across all sites, so customer information can be shared and actioned for every flight, enabling tailored experiences for all your customers.  
  • Attach documents and emails to movements for a complete history of passenger communications, operators’ requirements and more. All documents are key to learning from your transactions and help promote a highly collaborative, efficient working relationships throughout your customer base.  
  • Achieve complete customer loyalty by providing a Loyalty Scheme, alongside your tailored customer experience, using the automation within our comprehensive billing engine.  
  • Track sales performance, identify areas where you can generate more revenue and spot gaps and bottle necks in an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard.  

Custom workflows and external communication

Consistent high standards across the network

Make each service and every location meet the highest standards of your single site or network, whether it’s customer service, speed of delivery or budgeting. With your customizable underlying processes shared across each site, uniform service delivery can be achieved, building the reputation your customers will return for time and time again.  

  • Having the myairops fbo technology at the center of your organization enables you to achieve group visibility across your whole network. From dashboard style screens, our clients manage their single ground handling site or network locations and services. Every aspect, from billing to the CRM, fuel provision to turnaround times, can be overseen business wide or drilled down to individual sites, all from  one intuitive interface.   
  • Reports of any combination of metrics across the site or network are produced via the in-built business insights capabilities. Each user role has permissions-based access to the data, reports, graphs and statistics they need to perform their role and make intelligent, informed business and operational decisions.  

Staff Resource Management

Effectively managing teams across multiple sites

Over the past 24+ months the importance of having a flexible and agile workforce has never been so apparent. Having the myairops fbo technology at the heart of your operations enables you to manage your workforce efficiently across all your facilities, wherever they are located.   

  • Staff member sick or on leave? Have another team member at a different location cover them. They can pick up the same system, same processes, tasks and all relevant customer and facility details.  

  • Having everything at your fingertips means the need to physically visit sites will be cut down, eliminating the need to travel and promoting a healthy work/life balance, all while reducing your organization’s Carbon footprint.  
  • Remaining compliant and always ensuring your workforce are as good as they can be is made easier with our staff training functionality with expiration alerts on certifications, safety, security and more.   
  • The myairops fbo system allows larger FBOs to run a series of smaller ‘satellite’ sites so that those sites may employ smaller, more hands-on teams whilst the administrative work is done from central offices and teams.  

Operations, Finance and Fuel

Centralizing your Ops, Finance and Fuel departments

myairops fbo’s advanced, feature rich FBO software simplifies your FBO operations, bringing all areas of your network into one, centralized space. The solution improves safety, productivity, and profit margin.  

  • Our system allows reporting and visibility of cost over time and by category allowing users to see spending trends on a per FBO site, customer aircraft, customer fleet, per service and so much more. The ability to slice vast quantities of data is significant and means the data can be actioned rather than simply stored  
  • Locked down pricing for every site, customer and supplier across the network managed by a single team prevents confusion and enables instant, audited billing for all customers and suppliers.  
  • Managing fuel purchasing, stock and pricing: 

We integrate our solution with fuel Vendors such as AVFUEL to enable a streamlined fuel release and payment process.  

The fuel module includes misfuelling protection through a release workflow and pushes and records details on Ramp Staff mobile devices. 

For further data accuracy and speed, myairops also integrate with the fuel sensor on the tank to get precise fuel readings with no manual data entry. This features heavily when providing instant invoicing for all services via the automated invoice engine.   

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Ground Handling Agent

Turnaround time
For any Ground Handling organization efficiency is key. myairops provides the tools to enhance your operation, identify areas of marginal gain and increase your overall productivity and turnaround time.  

Manage tasks and teams for total oversight of what is happening and when, reassigning your team’s activities to suit the timings of that day’s operations.  Wherever you charge for services, automatically schedule and assign tasks with every service, improving organisational efficiency and ensuring every job is completed and billed for correctly. 

Billing and Invoicing
Charge your customers for each and every service automatically for comprehensive, automated billing and invoice management.  

The most flexible of ground handling solutions
As detailed in the FBO and Network FBO sections, myairops fbo is a powerful tool that can flex to underpin your service offerings. Our clients range from Handling Agents and Regional Airports using myairops for GSE management, overflight permits and other service billing, through to VVIP premium service delivery.  


Flexibility and customization is fundamental within our systems. If you have a specific use case you do not see covered here, get in touch for a free consultation and see just how far reaching the myairops capabilities can be.  


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Fuel Provider

Fuel management and Inventory
myairops fbo accomplishes a comprehensive Fuel Management workflow from an Operator’s fuel request through to managing stock and finances at the FBO or across the network.  

Integrate to your Fuel Supplier’s system to reduce the workload for your Operator client, an important factor for Operators when choosing which FBO to work with. The integration not only enables greater efficiency surrounding initial requests, confirmations and updates, but also ensures the fastest authorization and payment. 

Fuel management and inventory are handled via intuitive dashboard screens for oversight of all fuel trucks, bowsers and tanks at the FBO. Fuel requests pair with fuel releases before processing to ensure correct fueling, protecting against costly and dangerous misfuelling. Realtime updates from the Operator and Supplier, Warnings when attempting to double book conflicts, and hover over details allow management of fuel services.  

  • Realtime notifications for tasks, delays and statuses mean ramp staff have no need to revisit the FBO back office or radio-in between jobs.  
  • Greater oversight increases stock control accuracy, shows staff availability and identifies roadblocks in the provision of services. 
  • Accurate fuel meter readings are instantly captured and communicated to the main system through tank sensor integration or manual mobile device recording. 
  • Fuel can be invoiced, and paid for, immediately upon task completion. 
  • View your stock levels across the site, network or individual storage unit. Warnings when fuel required is greater than the stock at that FBO alert the correct members of the team. Running stock control and reconciliation protects profits by ensuring every drop of fuel is accounted for. 

  • myairops tracks your fuel running stock whether your business acts as the local Fuel Vendor or as a Fuel Broker. Linked to billing and to staff tasking, uplifts accrue auto-calculated pricing, and any discrepancies are flagged to correct staff for investigation.  

The fuel dashboard displays the important data for that individual userAt a glance statistics on your Customers, Revenue, Monthly Sales, Fuel discrepancies, Fuel Suppliers & Fuel Stocks are available by location or region. The data is easily exportable to MS Office, myairops reporting module, Power B.I. and more, and can be linked to external market data sources such as S&P PLATTS. 

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