myairops fbo is delivered as a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, enabling secure management of company and customer data within one system. Automated processes connect staff to their passengers with new levels of customer service; provide oversight through dashboards and notifications; and harness real-time data to aid the best possible decision making.

myairops FBO

Automated billing

Automated billing engine reduces accounting errors and maintains consistent pricing at single or multi-site FBOs. Custom charging rules fit your current or future pricing lists, no matter the complexity.

Data feeding from the CRM, Parking and Fuel management modules ensures passengers are paying the correct fees for your services without the need for human interaction.

Integration with Accounting Systems already in use allow Finance teams a direct feed of invoices produced within myairops fbo, including full auditing capabilities. Bulk invoicing via integration to larger Operators including NetJets keeps time consuming finance administration to a minimum.

airport operationsBoost sales

Boost your sales by making your business agile. Ensure that your catalogue of services is integrated with the flexibility of different charging rules.

Easily accommodate discounts or changes in charging such as public holidays or during special events. React to change requests simply and easily with automated client confirmation and automated invoice updates.

Provide customised invoices and reports and email them either as part of a manual review process or a completely automated workflow.

FBO operationsAccounts workflow

Streamline your accounts workflow. Through integrations with finance systems ensure that your sales ledger and financial accounts are kept seamlessly in step. Allowing you to rationalise and optimise your processes and workflow.

We have integrations with Sage, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, to name only a few, and additional integrations are being continually developed. For example, Xero and Quikbooks.

ground handling operationsTask management

Never miss a task again with our powerful task management and assignment features. Tasks can be triggered based on a number of factors. As an example, tasks can be triggered and linked on movements, specific aircraft, specific passengers or be time based. Task triggers on passengers, in combination with our powerful CRM, can allow you to provide a highly tailored customer experience. Powerful management features allows tasks to be managed within teams and supports re-assignment between team members and progress tracking. Tasks also allow for timely operations to occur based on time offsets such as catering tasks, fuel bowser deployment or safety checks on a GPU to provide a small sample of the possibilities. Tasks in combination with updates from our ATC, EuroControl, NATS or NetJets interfaces means you can be responsive to changes in arrival times or other pertinent factors.

FBO operationsEnterprise level security

Meet security and data privacy requirements. Ensure that your customer data is handled securely and in line with the latest data privacy legislation. Support the ability to respond to subject access requests and perform data obfuscation on demand. For more information on the security, that we build in to all of our solutions, please refer to the following blog article.

Airport operationsIntegrations

Integrate with other services and display status in your facility. Whether it is FIDS displays or integration to fuel suppliers, ATC, or border force; our solution can accommodate your needs. With the latest support for automated NetJets workflow (for demand requests and invoice transmission) our product can streamline and optimise your handling efficiency. With direct connectivity to systems such as NATS EFPS and EuroControl you will always be able to see and react to changes impacting your facility, such as a revised ETA.

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FBO operations

Which edition is right for my business?

No matter what the size of your operation we offer a solution to fit the needs of your business.

myairops FBO is delivered as a fully hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to enable your business to rapidly on-board with no need for complex or costly on-premise installation or upfront investment. The user interface is intuitive and requires minimal training to onboard your team in order to start realising change now. myairops FBO is delivered in three editions:


airfield operations software

You will want to consider the Airfield edition if you:

  • have a large number of monthly movements focused on general aviation, private flying and flight school operations
  • offer facilities such as long term parking & hangarage and fuel services
  • have an ICAO Rescue Fire Fighting (RFF) category of 1 to 5 or the equivalent FAA RFF index of A

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airport operations software

You will want to consider the Airport edition if:

  • your business is a regional or international airport with passenger handling
  • you have an ICAO Rescue Fire Fighting (RFF) category of 6 to 10 or FAA RFF index of B to E
  • you need an integrated solution with Air Traffic Control and immigration services
  • you provide a broad range of ground handling services
  • you require a Flight Information Display System (FIDS) throughout your facility

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FBO operations software

You will want to consider the FBO edition if:

  • you are focused on providing executive and VIP handling
  • you offer concierge services focussed on the highest levels of customer service
  • you want to provide customer service staff a view of what is happening in your lounge and provide the tools to streamline PAX handling
  • you provide specialist ground handling services

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