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myairops Crew is a companion flight crew app to the myairops Flight aircraft management solution. The flight crew app allows improved flight-following, notifications to crew directly from the ops board to ensure your crew have all the latest information they need to concentrate on delivering excellent customer service.

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myairops crewCrew App

Providing your crew, the tools to do their job. Whether performing a risk assessment or recording the flying hours, night and instrument currency; your crew will have the tools they need directly on their iOS device.

Rationalise fuel purchasing

Rationalise fuel purchasing. Fuel purchasing is an essential part of flight operations, but you need to ensure accurate cost tracking and fuel uplift values. Inform crew of relative price variations across suppliers and locations with the ability to enforce fuel receipt upload as part of the financial workflow.

Simplifying PAX handing for crew

Ensure accurate PAX records and simplify crew passenger checks with a workflow that has been developed for efficiency and clarity – putting the essential information in front of your crew exactly when they need it

myairops crew

myairops crewStreamline post flight information

Optimising the flow of information after flight completion is essential for your technical logging and maintenance planning. Through customisable reporting you can ensure the essential information is captured and streamed directly back to operational, sales, finance and maintenance staff.

myairops crewCapture customer feedback

Capture timely feedback from your PAX to support your real-time payment workflow and ensure your high standards are maintained.

myairops crewSecurity

Meet security and data privacy requirements. Ensure that your customer data is handled securely and in line with the latest data privacy legislation.

myairops crew


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