• All maintenance tracking requirements
  • Publication and Regulatory requirements
  • Defect management
  • Supplemental type certificate (STC), modifications and repairs
  • Rotary / Fixed-Wing
  • Hard time components and on condition and condition monitored components
  • Reliability monitoring and reporting
  • Inventory management




Commercial Operators

Are bulky, expensive systems really necessary?

Traditional, heavy-duty maintenance systems are often massive overkill for fulfilling the requirements of small to medium sized Commercial Operators. Now a lightweight true cloud solution offers significant cost savings and a far more streamlined approach to maintenance tracking. myairops cam has been developed to manage highly complex maintenance programs for the likes of Airbus and Boeing MPDs, but at a fraction of the price and intricacy.

Fast and Free aircraft onboarding

A low effort onboarding using data upload templates and a toolkit allows users to bring their aircraft into the system themselves, without the need for vendor additional services and the fees these traditionally incur. 

Seeing the back of on-premise legacy systems

The modern UI sits in front of a true cloud solution, bringing an end to on premise legacy systems, remote desk topping, connectivity issues and third party security concerns. Regular developments of the ever evolving system are distributed to your environment quickly and easily, meaning zero downtime or interruptions to your work.

The refreshingly simple maintenance tracking system

Simplicity through at a glance dashboards helps users visualize the complex maintenance, parts and inventory situation of aircraft, stock, multiple fleets, aircraft types and customers. 

Futureproofing the business through modern technologies

Minimal manual intervention is the overarching design focus of the solution, allowing businesses to de-skill their workforce and help new hires without experience to quickly learn the software. In an industry where safety is paramount, protecting your business against non-compliance is critical, and retaining skilled staff reduces the risk. Giving staff modern tools they want to work with is a long term strategy for success. 


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Reach beyond traditional data exchange

Built on constantly evolving API architecture, integrations to your other tools and systems enable more centralized working. Far more than simply exporting data between tools, myairops cam reaches beyond traditional data exchange and works in real-time and therefore alerts users when triggered. Integrate with such tools as your myairops flight operations system or eTechLog and remove the need for manual data entry completely. 

Tailored to your business

Flexibility is often overlooked in legacy systems. No business operates the same, and with your requirements and governing bodies demanding change, flexibility to match how you want to work is crucial. myairops are a consultancy as well as a software supplier, with experience in CAMOs, Flight Ops, MROs and much more. We can help match our solutions to your way of doing things, or even suggest how to improve on them. 

Your data, your control over it

Business insight is enabled through a library of standard and custom reports. Unlimited access and exporting of your data further allows deep analysis of your aircraft and your business processes. 

Transitional CAMOs

Fast and Free aircraft onboarding

Onboard aircraft quickly, accurately and best of all, for free. myairops offer additional aircraft onboarding services delivered by highly experienced CAMO professionals. But you don’t need them… Bringing huge cost savings with each aircraft onboarding, myairops provides a toolkit for templated data entry. Drag and drop to the template and oversee the import exactly how you are used to seeing your data, meaning no unpleasant surprises or missing information.  

Quality data feeds minimizes manual intervention

Speed in onboarding is heightened further by the data feeds to the maintenance tracking tools and calculators. High feed quality ensures data is retrieved to everywhere it is required. This provides excellent visibility over aircraft status but also means the data needed by tools is fed instantly without manual intervention or entry. 

Work smarter, not harder

To further increase aircraft onboarding and transition turnaround, myairops cam offers aircraft type templates that can be copied and pasted for new aircraft. The time saved setting up new aircraft is significant, the time saved setting up the associated tasks and action list is huge. As templates are matched to your business and your turnaround times for tasks, the templates allow replicated aircraft setup and more accurate prediction of deadlines. Processes for that aircraft type are then standardized for each following transition project. 

Instant assessment of your aircraft

myairops cam provides oversight of your transitioning aircraft. Aircraft Maintenance Status, Last Performed / Next Due, Hard Time Components and AD/SBs are all monitored and displayed via intuitive dashboards. Vitally for relations between the Lessor, your CAMO and the Operator, the system establishes the status of aircraft hard times and AD/SBs to give instant assessment of the aircraft. This identification of errors within the aircraft data is valuable the Lessor and Operator to understand and feed into their asset value assessments and health monitoring. 

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Manage multiple fleets, aircraft types and regulations 

Oversee the maintenance status of single or multiple fleets of fixed wing and rotary aircraft, across a range of aircraft types, Aircraft Maintenance Programs, their parts and inventory. A powerful set of tools reduces the complexity of multi-type maintenance forecasting for multiple customers, scaling with you as your demand ebbs and flows. 

Tools designed for CAMO efficiency

Track the Approved Maintenance Program (AMP) at Task and Check level, allowing you to produce, issue, manage and control Maintenance Work Packs (Work Orders), Out of Phase Maintenance Requirements, Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Engineering Orders (Maintenance Advisories). You can also generate a full AMP report which can be submitted to the local authorities for approval, speeding up the approval process. Task types can be defined along with labor time and numbers required, trade, multi-stage thresholds and intervals. Relationships between these and other tasks can be easily defined and allows the management of spin-off tasks and allows different fleets to have separate life control restrictions to control APU hours or cycles or by more than one life type control.

Intuitive oversight through bespoke setup and user configuration

Configurable screens tailor the software to your business. The Due List provides maintenance oversight of each individual aircraft registered in myairops CAM and displays maintenance items with intervals,  limits or controls associated with them that are effective to the selected aircraft. The Due List can be configured to display any aspect of the aircraft maintenance schedule including checks, work packs ADs or component related tasks, and provides a single point of management control for each aircraft. 

Lower the skill and experience requirements of your workforce

De-skilling of maintenance workforces is essential in this period of high demand for talent but low availability of trained resources. myairops cam’s process driven workflows allow new and existing staff to focus on their role and remove superfluous information and functionality. Customizable role restricted access also prevents users being able to view and/or edit unnecessary features or data , helping to avoid costly errors.

Comprehensive reporting engine alongside unlimited extraction of your data

Report production includes the instant collating of all combinations of technical and commercial data within the system. Clean, attractive report formats with your branding and to yours and your customers’ specifications are made available amongst a library of Work Cards, Business Intelligence analysis, Fleet Status reports and more. Furthermore myairops cam allows the simple extraction of your data to a range of formats. With a complete, verified and auditable history of records, myairops makes reporting refreshingly simple. 

Integrate with Flight Ops, eTechLogs and MROs

TechLog data relating to the Operation and Maintenance of each flight is retrieved from myairops flight and your eTechLog to automatically feed your maintenance tracking tools and eliminate the need for error prone paper-based recording. Users can manually input maintenance details, either upcoming or carried out on an aircraft between scheduled base maintenance visits, and have this communicated to the Ops teams so they can see aircraft availability. 

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Reduce aircraft setup from weeks to just days using the free onboarding toolkit and easy to import data templates

We don’t believe that aircraft onboarding has to be a long, expensive process when technology can do most of the heavy lifting. Onboarding aircraft can be done without the need for additional services by myairops, which whilst we are happy to provide these service, we don’t agree the added expense should be mandatory. With included support helping you along the way, your team can onboard aircraft quickly and at no cost using our smart templates and import wizard. 

Parts and Inventory

The aviation Parts Inventory is kept clean and straightforward with carefully designed contemporary interfaces and easy-to-use tools. Simplify the complexity of aviation stock management with the cloud solution that streamlines and digitizes every aspect of managing inventory. At a glance visuals via customizable dashboards enable more efficient oversight of the inventory processes. Real-time data feeds from myairops cam and each User’s devices automatically updates each part’s expiration, repair, request, and order status in a clear traffic light approach. Business insight is enabled through a library of standard and custom reports. Unrestricted access and exporting of your data further allows deep analysis of your stock and work processes. 

All part and component lives are tracked including time since new, since installation, since overhaul and since repair. Parts and Components with their associated Maintenance Controls can be registered and managed and myairops cam provides the ability to link maintenance and modification tasks directly to the airframe, component position, part number or component as appropriate. The  status of the components installed on an aircraft, for any given historical date, can be displayed and alert levels can be defined against each ATA sub-system, providing component removal alert levels that are then fed in to the Reliability module.


When aircraft fleet reliability is poor, this can severely impact flight operation dispatch performance and your reputation with customers and regulatory authorities. Within myairops cam, all the operational data across your fleet, per aircraft type, is fed into the Reliability module and the system automatically generates graphical reliability statistics reports for utilization, in-service and maintenance defects, component removals and open defects. This enabled an operator to demonstrate to their National Airworthiness Regulatory Authority that they are monitoring Systems and Component Reliability and that they are reviewing the results of the monitoring. myairops CAM provides full ATA and component removal analysis enabling detailed interrogation of the high-level data.

Business Aviation

There has been a pandemic

Operators affected by the challenges presented from several years of economic difficulties can look to myairops for solutions. Businesses wanting to mitigate staff and skills cuts and shortages are stretched to their limits and are operating under extreme pressure. Meanwhile demand continues unabated, leaving Operators with difficult timeframes and even more risk. myairops offer a simple solution – our software and our team. We provide the highly skilled additional resource to enable you to bridge the gap during peak times, through to offering fully managed service options. 

Reducing cost without losing value

A long held myth has been in business aviation that to stay compliant with regulatory bodies, one must use a specific maintenance tracking or CAMO software. The truth is that it is your choice of operating system that works best for your clients, budget, users and of course, you. With budgets being tightened post pandemic, one way to reduce costs is to analyze where you are paying twice for aircraft type OEM subscriptions. myairops cam takes the approach of not charging for OEM licenses, instead using your existing licenses to track and update those aircraft types. This means the Operator only needs to purchase OEM subscription licenses once, rather than on top of their maintenance tracking system provider as well. myairops utilize your existing OEM subscription and load your documents into myairops cam, passing that saving on. The asset value is not reduced by switching system, but the strain on your budget most certainly is. 

Hard time component tracking

We actually track the component rather than just the task associated with the component. When transferring or replacing a component on an aircraft, the system will automatically reforecast the task related to the component installed, taking into account the accumulated component status. When removed, that status remains with that component and when installed on another aircraft, the system automatically recalculates the next due of any linked tasks based on the new component status.​

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Flexibility through Task Tolerance

We understand that for business aviation, maintenance is often planned around demand and so a rigid maintenance planning tool can be a hindrance rather than a help. myairops provides flexibility but automatically optimizing when to perform maintenance scheduling to when your aircraft are planned to be on the ground and not required. This flexibility helps to minimize downtime and prevent revenue loss, helping Flight Ops and Maintenance to optimize their scheduling. 

New Aircraft Types in your fleet

A common issue in today’s rapidly changing industry is introducing new aircraft types to the fleet without the capacity to develop the necessary documents and programs. Changing your operating profile and not knowing how to proactively update the AMP, or having adopted the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations but not knowing what to do next – help is available. myairops can help you develop your fleet maintenance tracking for new aircraft types and can work with you to optimize your processes, reporting and maintenance budget to suit the additions to your fleet. 


Reduce aircraft setup times by over 95% with myairops data science

Most businesses are buried in too much data. You likely have ever-growing information about your customers, aircraft types, maintenance schedules, parts, inventory and more. Whether it’s stored in an existing maintenance tracking system, CRM, or simply a collection of spreadsheets, you may be thinking that getting the data ready for importing into your new system will be a headache.  

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Our data science team will remove any irrelevant, outdated, duplicate or inconsistent data and transform your data source and import it into your new myairops cam system.  

Moving to a new platform can be overwhelming, but with the help of our in-house team of data analysts the process will be seamless. We help our partners onboard myairops cam using best practices to ensure a fast, smooth setup with minimal input needed from your team, reducing aircraft setup times by over 95%.


myairops is more than just software solutions

Should additional CAMO and Maintenance Tracking services be required, myairops’ engineers are on hand to help with:

Ongoing regulatory compliance

We offer a full suite of regulatory services from Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM) to Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC) to meet the EASA, Bermuda, Cayman and Guernsey compliance frameworks. We have relationships with National Aviation Authorities within and outside of the EASA and can use our network to great effect.

Aircraft risk management

Moving aircraft between registers can be complex, especially when understanding local airworthiness authority requirements. myairops has been carrying out support to various owners, operators, and lenders for many years to a variety of authorities. Our experience will identify and mitigate against risks associated with through-the-life maintenance and change.

Asset health monitoring

Payment of a monthly amount may lead to a false sense of security for both the lender and then owner/operator both of whom may have differing perspectives on its operation, subsequent maintenance requirements, records accuracy and ultimately, value. Our health monitoring service allows both lender and then owner/operator to ensure that compliance is being maintained such that hand backs post-lease mitigate surprises for either party.

Aircraft sale, hand back & redelivery

Either acting on behalf of the buyer or seller (depending on the circumstance) we provide independent, third party services to review all records associated with the aircraft’s maintenance life cycle including the monitoring and condition of life limited components. Our reports enable accurate evaluations during this high-risk transition, preventing value erosion for sellers and the mechanisms to avoid poor assets for buyers.

Modification and damage repair

Modification, Damage and Repair recording and control are areas of pain during any lease transition unless managed correctly. We have many years of experience in ensuring they are appropriately managed and can offer review and recommendation advice to ensure documentation and control has been maintained on any aircraft asset.

Aircraft acquisition & delivery

From aircraft selection assistance to its pre-purchase inspection and delivery project management, we provide the services that see In Service Dates (ISD) met. We also impartially help you avoid the hidden ‘lemons’ that only a deep dive into the records will uncover.



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