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The intuitive maintenance tracking solution

myairops cam is the cloud-based airworthiness management solution built to streamline the onboarding of aircraft and data feeds into maintenance tracking tools. The system strengthens operational safety and compliance for Commercial and Business Aviation Operators, CAMOS and Transitional CAMOs.​

Onboard your aircraft seamlessly

CAMOs and airline CAMO departments often contend with outdated systems and interfaces, leading to complexities in maintenance and CAM management processes. With myairops cam, the onboarding process for aircraft and data feeds is simplified, offering an intuitive solution that streamlines these tasks.

  • Simplified onboarding process for aircraft and data feeds
  • Intuitive solution to streamline maintenance and CAM management processes
  • Modern interface to replace outdated systems

Enhanced visibility and control

Traditional maintenance systems often lead to tedious and time-consuming procedures, affecting overall efficiency and productivity. However, myairops cam offers a comprehensive airworthiness management solution to address these challenges. With enhanced visibility and control, our system ensures regulatory requirements are met effortlessly and with confidence.

  • Comprehensive airworthiness management solution
  • Enhanced visibility and control over maintenance procedures
  • Streamlined compliance with regulatory requirements

Modern easy-to-use interface

Managing airworthiness tasks can be challenging due to outdated interfaces that hinder effective process streamlining. However, myairops cam introduces a modern and user-friendly interface that enhances the user experience, simplifies task management, and improves overall efficiency. This modern approach ensures that CAMOs and airline CAMO departments can navigate the system with ease, leading to streamlined operations and increased productivity.

  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Simplified task management
  • Improved efficiency in CAM tasks

How can different operation types use cam?

Revolutionize CAMO operations

Oversee the maintenance status of single or multiple fleets of fixed wing and rotary aircraft, across a range of aircraft types, Aircraft Maintenance Programs, their parts and inventory.

  • Tools designed for CAMO efficiency
  • Intuitive oversight through bespoke setup and user configuration
  • Reduce aircraft setup from weeks to just days

Transitional CAMOs

Onboard aircraft quickly and accurately with myairops’ onboarding services or onboard yourself using the toolkit.

  • Quality data feeds minimizes manual intervention
  • Save time setting up new aircraft with standardized templates
  • Keep track of all CAMO tasks in one place

Commercial airlines

Cloud solution offers significant cost savings and a far more streamlined approach to maintenance tracking.

  • Manage multiple aircraft of same type seamlessly
  • Manage different aircraft on different maintenance programs
  • Fleet wide component management

Business aviation

Complete airworthiness management and maintenance tracking tool for your business aviation operations.

  • Reduce costs without losing value
  • Flexibility through Task Tolerance
  • Minimize downtime and prevent revenue loss


We understand that fast and seamless onboarding of aircraft into maintenance tracking systems is crucial for tech teams. Effortlessly set up and onboard your aircraft in just four simple steps.

Exceptional operational

Our range of aviation solutions are designed to optimize your business processes and enhance your decision-making capabilities. Experience optimized efficiency, quicker access to data a seamless onboarding experience.

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