The myairops cam (Continuing Airworthiness Management) software solution provides tracking and control over complex maintenance requirements across a wide variety of safety management areas such as :-

  • All maintenance requirements
  • Regulatory and maintenance requirements
  • Defect management
  • Supplemental type certificate (STC), modifications and repairs
  • Hard time components, life limited parts, on condition and condition monitored components
  • Reliability monitoring and reporting
  • Inventory management

Due list

The Due List provides maintenance oversight of each individual aircraft registered in myairops CAM and displays maintenance items with intervals,  limits or controls associated with them that are effective to the selected aircraft. This can be configured to display any aspect of the aircraft maintenance schedule including checks, work packs ADs or component related tasks and provides a single point of management control for each aircraft


The Tech Log Module is used to record data relating to the Operation and Maintenance data for each flight that occurs on an aircraft. This data includes defects and malfunctions, block times and fuel consumption. It also records all maintenance carried out on an aircraft between scheduled base maintenance visits. myairops CAM also integrates with eTechLog providers which eliminates the need for paper-based recording of flight and maintenance details and eliminates any errors in transposing data from the paper tech log into the system.


The Fleet Module provides maintenance oversight of the entire fleet of aircraft registered in myairops CAM and shows the maintenance status of each aircraft within your fleet. The Fleet Module is where Operators, Aircraft Types, Aircraft Maintenance Programs and individual Aircraft are setup, together with their Planned Utilisation and provides a powerful set of tools for forecasting and planning the maintenance schedule across your entire fleet of aircraft.


All the operational data across your fleet, per aircraft type, is fed into the Reliability module and myairops CAM automatically generates graphical reliability statistics reports for utilisation, in-service and maintenance defects, component removals and open defects. This enabled an operator to demonstrate to their National Airworthiness Regulatory Authority that they are monitoring Systems and Component Reliability and that they are reviewing the results of the monitoring. myairops CAM provides full ATA and component removal analysis enabling detailed interrogation of the high-level data.


The Maintenance Module is used to register and manage the Approved Maintenance Programme (AMP) at Task and Check level, allowing you to produce, issue, manage and control Maintenance Work Packs (Work Orders), Out of Phase Maintenance Requirements, Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Engineering Orders (Maintenance Advisories). You can also generate a full AMP report which can be submitted to the local authorities for approval which speeds up the approval process. The type of task can be defined along with labour time and numbers required, trade, multi-stage thresholds and intervals. Relationships between this and other tasks can be easily defined and allows the management of spin-off tasks and allows different fleets to have separate life control restrictions to control APU hours or cycles or by more than one life type control.


The Components Module tracks the life of all components including time since new, since installation, since overhaul and since repair. Parts and Components with their associated Maintenance Controls can be registered and managed and myairops CAM provides the ability to link maintenance and modification tasks directly to the airframe, component position, part number or component as appropriate. The  status of the components installed on an aircraft, for any given historical date, can be displayed and alert levels can be defined against each ATA sub-system, providing component removal alert levels that are then fed in to the Reliability module.

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