Connecting Corridor and NetJets – Digital Accounts Payable Connector

  • Comply with NetJets Supplier requirements for digital invoice pathways 
  • Save time and effort spent on invoice management
  • Dashboard view all your NetJet Sales
  • Individual or Multi-Site Compatible including Multiple CORRIDOR Instances
  • Easy tracking of invoices throughout the entire process
  • Collaboratively developed with NetJets for NetJet Suppliers. From the developers of NetJets and myairops, utilising the myairops fbo cloud automation engine, the CORRIDOR-NetJets Digital Connector provides automated invoice management

Allowing individual or multi-site MRO’s to connect their Accounts Payable with NetJets Accounts Payable, the solution ensures secure and seamless invooice streaming from your organisation directly to NetJets.

How does myairops Digital Connector work?

myairops automatically scans your CORRIDOR instance(s) for new invoices that are related to NetJets. The system extracts and remaps the code to make them compatible with NetJets accounting system. A second PDF version is paired and sent to the NetJets Accounts Payable team as required by the NetJets Supplier stipulations.

myairops works in real-time, resulting in the end-to-end automated transition of Work Orders that have been completed for NetJets in CORRIDOR. The progress of each invoice is tracked and viewed at a glance from the myairops Dashboard.

This automation saves the MRO and their network sites from having to manually create, convert, store and submit to NetJets, and eliminates heavily time consuming administration work.

A simple approach to pricing

We take a simple approach to pricing. Our Corridor to NetJets Connector is priced based on the number of invoices processed through the system per month. For more details on our pricing or to arrange a demo please call UK:+44 1252 984610 US: +1 754 231 8091 or use the form below.


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