Connecting Corridor and NetJets – Digital Accounts Payable Connector


Why should I enhance my Corridor to NetJets interface?

  • Meet NetJets requirements – all NetJets suppliers are required to have a pathway to digital integration. Our Digital Accounts Payable Connector helps ensure that this requirement is met 
  • Save time and effort for your finance team – no more manual creation of invoices, printing, submission or manual tracking between systems. Free up your team’s time so they can spend it elsewhere
  • Complete overview of the financial breakdown and total amounts invoiced from any of your facilities, simple tracking & automated reporting
  • Easily track what’s been spent, completed, paid, received and disputed – all in an intuitive easy to use digital dashboard
  • Collaboratively developed with NetJets – developed with the NetJets Accounts Payable and the NetJets IT Development Teams

Based on our myairops fbo product and created collaboratively with NetJets, our solution allows MRO’s to connect their Accounts Payable with NetJets Accounts Payable, allowing for complete automation between accounts and invoicing. The adoption of the myairops Corridor to NetJets Digital Invoice Connector creates a secure and seamless business environment where invoices are streamed from your organisation directly to NetJets.

Our solution automatically scans for new invoices that are related to NetJets, extracts them, remaps them so they’re compatible with NetJets accounting system and creates PDF and sends them to NetJets Accounts Payable team all in real-time, resulting in the complete automated transition of Work Orders that have been completed for NetJets in Corridor. This automation saves your MRO from manually creating invoices, submitting to NetJets and from creating and extracting invoice PDF’s.

The progress of each invoice can be tracked and viewed within the myairops Dashboard, where copies of the digital and PDF invoice can be downloaded.

A simple approach to pricing

We take a simple approach to pricing. Our Corridor to Netjets Connector is priced based on the number of invoices processed through the system per month. For more details on our pricing or to arrange a demo please call UK:+44 1252 984610 US: +1 754 231 8091 or use the form below.


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