myairops have been invited to join the European Business Aviation Association’s (EBAA) Tech Committee. We are delighted to join a selection of oganisations who share the same commitment to promoting technology within business aviation as we do. 

The objectives of the Tech Committee are to foster the development of applications that enhance the value of Business aviation. The Committee works to develop knowledge and its application and simultaneously fostering several forms of innovation in the sector. 

The Tech Committee focusses on online and software applications that solve problems, enhance the value of operations, reduce workloads, and increase compliance in Business aviation. The ultimate goal is the seamless interoperability of the businesses that together run the business aviation industry.  Its actions strive to reduce internal friction within and between Business aviation companies; to enable internal economic transparency and increase the value of worked hours within the business aviation sector. 

We’re excited to share ideas and promote further collaboration and integration opportunities within the industry.  

To find out more about our involvement with the EBAA’s Tech Committee please email email hidden; JavaScript is required 

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