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Regulations and safety requirements

Compliance with regulations and safety standards is crucial for operational peace of mind, and myairops flight product offers a complete solution to meet these requirements. With extensible qualifications and currency tracking capabilities, the system integrates with Wyvern for crew tracking and compliance, Vocus Flight Risk, and Pulsar Fatigue monitoring for an integrated FRAT and external data flow. The system offers real-time checks continually evaluating against Flight Time Limitations (FTL) and regulatory requirements such as minimum rest and maximum operational duty limits. It alerts and protects against crew selections and operations that do not meet required operational regulations. The system re-evaluates and alerts if the current schedule is no longer acceptable due to flight delays or extended duties.

Quoting, invoicing and sales decision making

To optimize the sales process and prioritize time spent on customers likely to book, myairops flight provides real-time intelligence updates. The sales team can look at customer past performance, spend, credit position, and Jet Card Program status. The system seamlessly updates information to marketplaces such as Avinode, allowing demand to flow directly to the sales team and providing the latest aircraft availability, taking into account maintenance events and owner holds. The quotation tool allows custom discounts and markups to be applied, and the commission payments managed through sales agents and internal staff. The system also manages the production of invoices and tracks payments, ensuring the full financial workflow of the sale process is completed and audited.

Feasibility analysis and availability tracking

Changes in demand or technical issues in aircraft can significantly impact Part-135 operations, requiring the need to charter another aircraft or modify the schedule to adapt to the current situation. The myairops platform uses an availability tracking system, alerting the user to infeasible schedules when events occur. This ensures customer satisfaction is maintained. The myairops flight system integrates with maintenance tracking systems such as myairops cam, CAMP, MyCMP, and Traxxall to keep the system up to date with all upcoming maintenance and time limits on due tasks. The information is made available through a role-based access control system that maintains the separation of duties within the operation, ensuring data is provided to those who need it.

Providing delivery excellence

A charter flight must meet the highest standards to ensure customer satisfaction, and the myairops flight system allows operators to manage and track client preferences for personalization. The CRM system and customizable tasking engine capture all the information relating to customer requirements, such as allergies, specific FBO or driver preferences, crew or flight attendant preferences, and more. The myairops crew app digitizes flight paperwork, optimizes delivery, and measures performance by gathering feedback directly from customers while tracking stock levels and aircraft cleanliness. The fully configurable nature of the system ensures delivery excellence is always maintained.



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Download: Part-135 Product Guide