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Multi-regulation aware

When operators are required to provide the flexibility of Part-91 operations and also operate under Part-135, it becomes crucial to have a system that is capable of handling multiple regulations simultaneously. The myairops flight platform seamlessly manages across various regulations within a single system, which is particularly important when pilots may be operating under different regulatory types and when the more stringent rules of Part-135 apply to a flight.

It is crucial to ensure that your system is capable of monitoring and protecting against potential regulatory violations, such as rest requirements or maximum duty times. The myairops flight product includes a suite of regulatory reports and operational controls that are specifically designed for Part-91 operations. For organizations considering Part-135 operations, the myairops platform provides easy access to data for reporting and analyzing their operation to determine if any issues may arise based on their current utilization of crew.

Audit, transparency, and financial controls

Ensuring complete transparency in the operation of an aircraft on behalf of its owner poses a constant challenge, not only in terms of safety but also in maintenance and financial controls. Managing the financial performance of the aircraft and reporting on its cost performance is crucial. The myairops flight product addresses this by providing the capability to load supplier costs and accurately allocate them to a specific flight or trip. Integration with external financial tools enables seamless flow of information where needed. The platform also offers dynamic reporting and powerful query capabilities for operators to demonstrate cost savings to the owner. Moreover, when historical data on the operation, usage, maintenance, and costs of the aircraft is required, the myairops platform prioritizes data accessibility and serves as a valuable tool to facilitate an organization’s response to the owner’s audit requirements.

Owner preferences and availability for charter

If an aircraft owner desires to charter their plane, they will require an operator who can effectively advertise the aircraft’s availability. The myairops flight product offers a hassle-free solution to publish the aircraft’s availability on marketplaces such as Avinode. The system automatically updates the availability status, marking the aircraft as unavailable during owner holds, maintenance events or when it is already in use. Operators can leverage the powerful quotation engine and cost reporting features embedded within the myairops flight platform to negotiate pricing schedules and fees with ease.

Customizing owner preferences

While operators have their preferred fuel, maintenance, and handling providers, they also recognize the importance of tailoring services to an owner’s highly personalized needs, such as selecting a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). The myairops flight platform allows individual owner preferences to be configured, so that the operations team can simply plan the flight without having to constantly refer to notes. The system will automatically select the preferred organizations chosen by the owner. In cases where a preference cannot be met, the operational team can record reasons as to why and keep track of the occurrence

Keeping up to date

Staying current with Part-91 regulations can be a challenge as they are subject to change and evolve over time. By partnering with myairops, you are aligning yourself with a company that collaborates with other Part-91 organizations to monitor and adapt to any regulatory changes that may arise.



Providing the edge to your aircraft owner

In the competitive aviation industry, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide the best possible service to aircraft owners. This is where myairops comes in – offering real-time data access, advanced capabilities like integrated satellite ADS-B positioning and weather information, and seamless integration with other tools and services through APIs. With the myairops flight product, you can also provide a personalized experience for your owners through a configurable task engine that ensures their unique requirements are always met. For instance, if a family member has a shellfish allergy, the myairops system can help keep track of this information and share it with the right people.

Additionally, integrated ADS-B tracking enables automated time-sensitive flight following messages, so you never miss a critical communication. By partnering with myairops, you can stay ahead of the curve and give your owners the edge they need to succeed.


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Download: Part-91 Product Guide