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KPI performance and situational awareness

When it comes to special mission operations, standard KPIs and performance tracking may not suffice, as service levels and performance indicators may be based on critical factors such as response time or mission completion time. The myairops flight platform is equipped to handle such requirements and offers advanced situational awareness and analytics capabilities that can be utilized internally as well as shared with customers for improved transparency and performance monitoring.

Patient centric management dashboard

The myairops flight platform features a patient-centric management dashboard that provides a dedicated view for managing calls and patients. This dashboard is separate from the aviation operations view and is used by the operational scheduling team to plan how to fulfill a request. Calls and patients can be linked to flights and information is displayed at a glance to show whether operational changes will affect the ability to handle the call.

The system also includes communication logs and message flows to enable seamless conversations between teams, both internally and externally, in case changes to the mission need to occur. The dashboard allows for full management of the medical team and any accompanying escorts. Additionally, classifications and risk categories are available to track the mobility and medical needs of the patient and record information that can be transferred to the crew to ensure the safety of both the patient and the aircraft.


Flexible qualification and currency management

The myairops platform offers a versatile qualification and currency management system that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation. Unlike other systems that may only handle qualifications and currency for aviation personnel, the myairops system is designed to manage all staff types, including medics, support staff, crew, and maintenance personnel.

The system is highly customizable, allowing you to store and manage documentation, set up real-time alerts, and track expiration dates and relevant experience for each mission type. This comprehensive approach to training and experience management provides a single, centralized system for tracking all aspects of staff training and experience


Multiple fleets and multiple operations

For organizations that manage various types of aircraft operations, including special missions, the myairops flight platform offers support for multiple operation types, fleets, and regulations simultaneously. The system continuously monitors pilots’ qualifications and compliance with regulations in real-time, ensuring that they are suitable for the specific mission they are assigned to, even when switching between different types of operations.

Inventory management

By integrating the myairops flight product with the myairops stores product, special mission operators can effectively manage their inventory in various locations including on-board the aircraft and in the warehouse. The system enables tracking of medical supplies with features such as stock quantity monitoring, expiration date tracking, and storage requirements management. With this functionality, operators can ensure that their missions are always equipped with the necessary supplies to handle any situation.



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Download: Medical & Special Missions Product Guide