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When myairops was launched we wanted to ensure that our engineering methodology matched the cutting-edge technologies that comprise our products. As part of our strategy, as a cloud native SaaS provider, our primary goal is to deliver features and enhancements to our customers as quickly as possible. In addition to this we want to make sure our customers actively participate in our product roadmaps. We understand that we only exist to provide our customers the technologies they need to give them an edge.

Our commitment

We release new versions of all our products at least monthly; ensuring our customers get continuous benefit from their software subscription. This is not just maintenance (“bug fixes”) of a static set of functionality but an evolving product feature set adapting to the industry and our customers requirements. You don’t have to use every feature and we will not remove an existing feature if it is in use.

The benefits to our customers

There are many benefits when using any of our SaaS based products, that include:

  • Regular releases providing new functionality all included as part of a simple monthly subscription payment with no upgrade fees!
  • Data migration between versions is seamless and requires no involvement from our customers
  • Accessibility to advanced technologies that would be prohibitively expensive if it were not part of a multi-tenanted solution
  • No downtime required to perform upgrades
  • No necessity to have specialist hardware or IT support staff

How it works

Every day we deliver working software to our internal development systems that is then subjected to automated and manual testing. At least once a month, often more frequently, this environment is promoted to the customer beta site.

The beta site allows our customers and prospects to use the latest features and capabilities and feedback to us. You can be as involved as you like or just wait for the latest production release.
Once the system has passed our rigorous quality controls the system is promoted to our production environments around the globe. Using deployment slots we can perform this activity with zero downtime to our customers, no maintenance windows, and with all data seamlessly migrated.

With every release there are “How To” videos and an introduction that will walk you through the latest capabilities. If you need support our 24×7 customer support platform is there to assist you.

Next steps

If you want to talk to us about how our cloud native aviation software can benefit your business in any of the following areas:

  • trip support,
  • charter sales,
  • shared and private flight brokerage,
  • flight operations,
  • crew management,
  • training and certification,
  • FBO facilities management,
  • airport management,
  • maintenance tracking,
  • CAMO operations,
  • and many more,

then please contact us using the following form.