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During 2023, we’ve been hard at work, dedicated to pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for efficiency, transparency, and user experience. The latest upgrades to myairops flight represent the culmination of this effort, introducing features that empower our users with advanced tools and capabilities. As we unveil these enhancements, we invite you to explore the solutions designed to elevate your operational experience.

As we move into the year of 2024, myairops will deliver even more new features and plenty of exciting new product updates. Stay tuned and watch this space as we continue our commitment to providing the first-class solutions to your flight operations. For now, take a look at some of the key new features we delivered to you throughout 2023:

1. Communication Log Feature: Recording Interactions Made Easy

Effortlessly document customer interactions with the newly introduced Communication Log feature on the request screen. Accessed in two different ways, this user-friendly feature ensures seamless record-keeping, enhancing communication transparency without disrupting your workflow.

2. PAX Filter Search: Precision at Your Fingertips

Navigate through the intricacies of passenger information with the advanced PAX filter on the movement listing grid. Craft precise queries using AND, OR, NOT operators, while utilizing quotation marks and brackets for tailored searches. This feature ensures precision, even in the most complex scenarios, allowing for efficient passenger manifest management.

3. PAX Priority for Corporate Flight Departments: Streamlined Manifest Management

Introducing passenger priority on the new Passenger tab. Seamlessly prioritize passengers with the PAX Priority indicator on the request screen. This feature proves invaluable for corporate flight departments, ensuring a streamlined approach to manifest management and enhanced customer service.

4. Crew Duty Rostering – Day View: Simplifying Crew Management

Based on invaluable customer feedback, the robust Duty Schedule – Day View was introduced. This user-friendly interface showcases crew details, dynamic totals, and customizable statistics for streamlined rostering. Effortlessly navigate through crew records and manage duties with ease, providing a comprehensive view of your operational workforce.


5. Ops Board – Calendar View: Visualize Your Operations

Tailor your display with regular, compact, or condensed views, and efficiently manage critical dues countdown information right from the aircraft block. The color-coded representation of each tail and sector movement ensures a quick and intuitive understanding of your operational status.

6. Split View – Duty Roster and Calendar: Holistic Perspective on Operations

The innovative Split View lets you simultaneously manage crew rosters and operations, offering a holistic perspective. Whether you choose to unlink or link panes for independent or synchronized updates, this feature provides flexibility in viewing preferences. Effortlessly navigate through your duties, crew schedules, and operational calendar in one comprehensive interface.

7. Color Groups for Aircraft, Crew, and PAX: Enhanced Visual Organization

Enhance visual organization with color groups for aircraft, crew, and PAX. Create and assign color blocks effortlessly for efficient grouping and quick identification. This feature adds an extra layer of visual clarity, making it easier to manage and identify key components of your operations.

These upgrades symbolize a significant stride in the myairops flight evolution. We’re committed to providing you with a seamless, intuitive, and powerful operational experience. Stay tuned for continuous innovation, and thank you for choosing myairops as your preferred aviation management solution!