In the midst of heightened IRS scrutiny on personal use of corporate jets, business aviation operators are facing increased pressure to ensure accurate and compliant tax reporting. The recent announcement of “dozens” of audits on business aircraft use underscores the importance of precise calculations and meticulous record-keeping in this complex area.

As the aviation industry navigates these challenges, myairops is proven as a powerful ally in addressing tax compliance concerns. Our system goes beyond standard features to offer a comprehensive SIFL (Standard Industry Fare Level) calculation capability, revolutionizing the way companies manage personal use taxes for employees, spouses, dependents, and guests.

Streamlined Personal Use Tax Calculation

With myairops flight, businesses gain a centralized platform to manage personal use tax calculations effortlessly. The system’s full SIFL calculation capability empowers selected users to designate employees as “Sponsors,” granting personal use of aircraft. Through an intuitive Personal Use tab on employee records, sponsors are linked to contacts benefiting from this privilege, ensuring precise tax attribution.

Precision and Flexibility

Our enhanced passenger tab allows users to identify passengers utilizing flights for personal reasons, with the option to apply the 50% rule per leg. The system provides real-time warnings if selected rules may not align with trip criteria, ensuring accurate calculations. Additionally, myairops flight automatically updates with the latest SIFL rates from the IRS, including adjustments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Efficient Trip Management

Managing complex trips with varying sponsors is simplified with myairops flight. The system automatically calculates distances, performs tax calculations per sponsor, and offers reporting capabilities to meet compliance requirements. Users can choose between the Per Leg/Segment method or the Incremental method, with the ability to apply the 7 Day Rule and define Personal Days % as needed.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

Upon trip completion, myairops flight provides a detailed trip calculation summary, showcasing how taxes were calculated per passenger. This breakdown includes SIFL rate per passenger, deductions for employee reimbursements, and the Net Taxable SIFL Fare for sponsors. Moreover, the system offers easy access to SIFL Rate Period data and calculation information for comprehensive reporting.

Empowering Flight Operators

By harnessing the capabilities of myairops flight, aviation operators can navigate the intricate landscape of personal use tax compliance with confidence. Our solution eliminates the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and manual calculations, offering a seamless and efficient approach to managing tax obligations.

As the IRS intensifies its focus on corporate jet usage, myairops flight stands ready to support businesses in achieving tax compliance and enhanced operational efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about how myairops can optimize your aviation business and ensure compliance in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

Disclaimer: This article provides a high-level overview of the features and capabilities of myairops flight software. For specific tax advice and guidance, please consult with your tax advisor or legal counsel.

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