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myairops are pleased to announce the full integration of Polaris Vocus FlightRisk solution.

Polaris Aero is an advanced aviation safety management system provider and by integrating with myairops, this brings operators a comprehensive suite of tools for flight planning, risk assessment, and situational awareness, elevating safety and efficiency in their flight operations.

FlightRisk, powered by Polaris Aero’s VOCUS Platform, harnesses advanced technology and data analytics to deliver real-time risk assessments and situational awareness. By integrating weather and air traffic information, terrain and obstacle data, and other potential risks, the tool empowers pilots and operators to make informed decisions, reducing the risk of accidents and incidents.

With the integration, myairops flight users can now seamlessly access FlightRisk directly from their myairops flight dashboard. This streamlined workflow eliminates the need for separate logins, enabling operators to optimize their flight planning and risk assessment processes, leading to enhanced operational efficiency.

“Polaris Aero is excited to be integrated to myairops so that more flight departments have the opportunity to improve their preflight risk assessment process and vastly reduce the amount of time it takes” emphasized Steve Bruneau, Vice President of Polaris Aero. “Having the Risk assessment information in both systems ensures that hazard identification and mitigation is a team sport that includes everyone in the flight department”.

This integration, available to all myairops flight customers, delivers a powerful suite of tools for flight planning, risk assessment, and situational awareness.

“The integration between our two systems delivers huge value and benefits to our mutual customers. myairops flight pushes flight and crew events directly into the Polaris FlightRisk platform, in real-time, ensuring that flight departments and crew have up to date, trustworthy, risk analysis to enhance safety and raise situational awareness that shapes critical decision making.”

Simon Underwood, Product Owner at myairops.

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