Nathan’s journey to becoming a fully qualified Operations Controller at myairops was a comprehensive and enlightening experience. His path was paved with dedication, unique educational opportunities, and a thirst for knowledge that suited this specialist apprenticeship opportunity.

Nathan’s route into the world of aviation was no coincidence. With a father who served in the Royal Air Force and a lifelong career in aviation, he was inspired from a young age to follow in his father’s footsteps. His childhood fascination with aviation set the stage for his career aspirations.

Central to his success was the in-depth training he received through the Level 3 Aviation Ground Specialist (Flight Operations) Apprenticeship. This comprehensive program not only provided him with a fundamental understanding of flight operations but also instilled in him a holistic view of the aviation industry. It was not limited to just myairops’ specific operations but encompassed the broader global aviation landscape. This well-rounded approach allowed Nathan to appreciate the intricate complexities of operations on a worldwide scale, giving him excellent foundations for a long career in civil aviation.

“As in any new environment, this was a challenge I hadn’t experienced before – my first job in such a professional setting. It was a challenge, but I feel I’ve adapted well to the work life of an Operations Controller. The skills within the job were a challenge to learn, but with a helpful team around me, it became an easier task.”

Nathan’s learning journey involved a unique combination of theoretical and practical education. 20% of his time was dedicated to learning from experienced tutors and undergoing regular assessments, ensuring that he was continually growing and developing. The apprenticeship program was designed to prepare him for the real-world challenges of the aviation industry. It culminated in an end-point assessment conducted by an external examiner, who observed Nathan’s ability to perform the job, underlining the high standards of competence expected in the industry.

As part of his learning process, Nathan attended the Operations Officers course delivered by UKOMA (UK Operations Managers Association). This industry-delivered course offered valuable insights into regulatory compliance and industry best practices, enriching his understanding of the aviation field. These diverse training experiences provided Nathan with a unique perspective on aviation operations, making him a valuable asset to myairops.

During his apprenticeship, Nathan had the opportunity to visit other operators, including commercial airlines and specialist operations. These visits broadened his horizons and exposed him to different operational environments, enabling him to learn from various industry professionals. His exposure to diverse operations enriched his knowledge and allowed him to see the industry from multiple angles.

Nathan’s journey was also made possible through the commitment of myairops to support the development of young talent in the aviation sector. Their active participation in industrial placements, work experience, and apprenticeship programs across various departments paved the way for future leaders like Nathan.

One of the invaluable aspects of Nathan’s journey was his interaction with seasoned professionals at myairops. Here, he absorbed knowledge like a sponge, learning the ins and outs of worldwide trip support, flight planning, problem-solving, and other essential skills. He was fortunate to have mentors who shared their expertise and guided him on his path to becoming a proficient Operations Controller.

“When myairops taught me, the educational part of my course became relevant to the actual work, which helped me to learn the job better.”

Nathan’s success story is not just about the completion of an apprenticeship; it’s about his ability to absorb knowledge from various sources and to apply it in practical, real-world situations. This comprehensive learning approach allowed him to not only excel in his current role but also foster his desire for continuous growth in the aviation industry.

After successfully completing his apprenticeship, Nathan now works full-time as an Operations Controller for AOC Operator myairops and their International Trip Support division, myairops Trip Support, where he continues to apply the knowledge and skills he gained during his journey. His contributions to myairops and myairops’ trip support services have been outstanding, providing an excellent job, further solidifying his reputation as a valuable team member.

“After finishing my Apprenticeship and becoming a qualified Operations Controller, I feel that I now want to grow my knowledge and experience within the industry.”

As Nathan continues his journey at myairops, he brings with him not only the title of a qualified Operations Controller but also a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through his unique educational journey. His story serves as a shining example of how dedication, diverse training, and a commitment to continuous learning can lead to a fulfilling and successful career in the aviation industry.

Nathan’s success is not only a testament to his dedication but also to the company’s commitment to nurturing and developing young talent in the aviation industry. His journey is a shining example of how mentorship, hands-on experience, and structured education can transform an aspiring individual into a highly skilled and successful professional in the field of aviation.

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