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As part of our continuous effort to provide our customers with the best possible service, myairops are pleased to announce the launch of our new Customer Support Portal. All our SaaS products are provided with 24×7 support access and this investment forms part of our commitment to providing our customers the very best user experience.  

Our new platform will improve communications, transparency, and speed of issue resolution. As well as ensuring our customers have easy access to an abundance of myairops information and product documentation.  

Soon within each of your products, you will also see a support pop-up that will seamlessly integrate your product with this support portal. 

From the end of this week, myairops clients will have access to our new support system. The myairops support portal will offer a simple and effective way for our customers to submit and track enquiries and get more control and visibility over requests. 

Some of the key features of the new myairops support portal include:  

  • Instantly log requests- the support team can pick up your ticket and start helping straight away 
  • Real-time ticket updates- receive emails whenever your ticket is updated, ensuring you are kept up to date with the progress of your support request   
  • Access to performance and usage reports 
  • Portal knowledge base – easy access to information and handy docs on all our products, all in one place (The knowledge base is in its early stages and will continuously be added to over the coming weeks)
  • Access to a support bot and ‘How To’ docs- instant access to answers for questions and support queries 

All customers will receive an email in the next couple of working days containing simple instructions on how to set up their accounts.