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We talk to Jack Clement-Hayes, Inside Sales Manager at myairops, about his role, why he joined the team and what he’s most looking forward to in 2020.

What brought you into myairops in the first place?   

Having just finished my engineering degree I was looking for an opportunity with a forward-thinking company looking to break trends, not just comply. When you’re presented with the ambition, depth and development power of myairops, a company looking to facilitate growth within the industry, you must see it as an adventure. We’re a rapidly expanding business with a global reach and a massive market, excited to see new ideas and new technology; it was a big decision, but an easy one.   

Are there any new features of the myairops product suite that we should be aware of?   

The myairops product suite is constantly evolving and we consistently release monthly updates for our products. The updates not only cover general maintenance and bug fixes, but also include new functionality releases such as the upcoming parking and fuel management components in fbo. This ensures that myairops users have access to an ever-evolving product feature set, adapting to the industry’s requirements, as well as their own. Our recent integration with RDC makes quoting quick and easy and we have many more exciting partnerships and integrations with new systems lined up for the new year, which will provide further innovative features to our platforms. We’ll also be announcing some exciting news on the 29th Jan at NBAA West Palm Beach regional forum, so stay tuned for that!  

What events are you most looking forward to in 2020?   

After the success we experienced at NBAA BACE in Las Vegas, I am extremely excited to return to the USA for the NBAA West Palm Beach Forum in January and Schedulers & Dispatchers in March. When we showcase our products at Air Ops Europe 2020 in Brussels and EBACE in Geneva, I’ll be delighted to meet many of our new customers face to face, and to catch up with all our friends around Europe.  

Before working at myairops, what was the most unusual job you had? 

I think one of the things I found attractive about working with myairops was how personable the company and staff truly are. My past jobs have always been customer facing whether it be in sales, counselling, instructing on a high ropes course or the summers bar tending. The most unusual position I’ve held was as a Biathlon instructor as, whilst dodging tourists with terrible aim, we occasionally had fully grown bears wander up the range!

If you’d like to find out more about the new features of the myairops product suite then why not arrange a demo with Jack by clicking here