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Optimize resources and protect revenues with myairops 

The way in which the aviation community has adapted through these challenging times is a testament to the efforts and dedication of those still able to operate, whether air ambulances, air cargo, or indeed the ground teams assisting with the efforts.  

Howeverfor both those in the aviation sector and those working in support of itwe are truly in unprecedented times. There are reports and panels released almost daily from leaders across the industry speculating how quickly the business aviation market will return to normal, and what the new ‘normal’ will look like. 

The business aviation industry will recover, and it is reassuring to see that some parts of Asia, where the spread of the virus started, are beginning to emerge from the crisisHowever, it is also fair to say that businesses are going to have to restructure and evolve in order to adapt to the challenges ahead. The European Business Aviation (EBAA) recently carried out a survey which looked at how business owners within the business aviation market feel COVID-19 has impacted their organization 

One insight the study highlights is that a third of CEOs estimated financial losses of around 80%, and many businesses are also learning that, although they can continue operating or supporting business operations remotely, they haven’t got the necessary tools in place to enable their teams to do so effectively and efficiently – not to mention the challenges this brings around data privacy and security.  

Businesses who in the past have relied on legacy on-premise software are being hit hardest by these changes as systems can be disjointed adding delays in responding to client’s requests, or in communicating with the supply chain supporting delivery of services. 

Clearly such issues would exist irrespective of the crisis, however for some organizations it has exposed some cracks, and businesses now have an opportunity to identify areas that may require restructure, and allow them to responto market changes, achieve greater cost efficiency and remain competitive. 

Is it time to review how effective existing investments are? Or even time revisit plans to update or consolidate your IT infrastructure? As companies have evolved it is not uncommon that they rely on multiple systems supporting operations, especially with regards to back office supportIn an effort to adapt to the crisis, many organizations have had to downsize their personnel, meaning that it is also an important time to consider staff adjustments to help rebuild revenues. This area is a challenge as there is a delicate balance to maintain, a reduction in staff hours and staff numbers means that more work falls on smaller teams stretching capacity to the limit. Ensuring that their time is being used intelligently is the key. 

There will likely be many more hurdles to come by way of increased regulations and more that the industry will be asked to implement as a response to the last few months to help protect things moving forward, only time will tell what these changes will be. Aeach region starts to lift its restrictions and allows operations to resume, it will be in turn the time gained through optimizing your teams’ activities that may ultimately prove to be one of the key paths to recovery. 

The myairops product suite reduces the complexities of managing, FBO & airport operationsaviation operations, and aircraft management operations by simplifying them into a logical set of workflows with a focus on real-time data. The result improves asset productivity, lowers operational costs and increases business efficiency 

With a system that is flexible, allows you to adapt quickly to changes, produce structure management reports to respond to audits without delays, monitor client and supplier credit limits you’re able to differentiate your service delivery from your competitors by offering a personalized service based on the preferences of your clients 

Organizing your teams in a way to cut down on communications and have staff, equipment, and even suppliers in the right place at the right time will free up resources for you and your organization to focus on areas like new business development and team collaboration to rebuild revenues that have been so impacted as a result of dealing with the global pandemic. 

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