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Booking API

myairops flight is built as an “API first” product offering with the principle that anything that can be done within the interface of the product can be automated or accessed via modern version controlled RESTful interfaces. That is a lot of technical jargon that simply means that myairops provides our customers with the most integration possibilities.

Providing integrations and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is not new itself, but the approach within myairops to always ensure that interfaces are provided, and not as an after thought provides you with major advantages. This post provides an overview of why this is important and how your organisation can achieve value through the use of one of those APIs – the Booking API.

Providing benefit

myairops has placed its focus on insuring that data and data access is foremost within our products. The challenges our customers face are caused by disparate systems, that whilst provide value in isolation, their true benefit is achieved when those data sources and systems can be utilised together to make decisions and perform automations. This approach not only drives efficiency but allows for capabilities that do not exist in isolation.


The booking API focuses on demand and provides the ability to not only place trip demand, within the myairops flight system, but also allows for the management of client accounts, passenger manifests, trip details and notes, seat availability management, trip scheduling and booking confirmation.

Furthermore, changes within the system can alert via the API which could be a result of maintenance, weather, airspace closure, or other issues that could change the aircraft, times or the trip in its entirety.

Use Cases

The booking API has many applications for our customers:

  • Membership booking mobile app – an operator of aircraft, who also provides charter services on an extended fleet, through an innovative member services app which provides functionality for reserving seats on shuttle flights as well as allowing customers to place custom demand through charter trip requests. The booking application deals with the processing of payments with all other functionality provided and powered by the myairops flight system.
  • Corporate flight department trip booking tool – using the booking API a corporate flight department can provide an internal booking tool which allows employees who have access to the corporate fleet to query availability, manage trips and get updates. An integration of this sort provides valuable benefits by reducing the amount of calls and emails to the flight operations team or the need for internal booking staff. The ability to book on behalf of other users such as executive assistants for senior leadership is a common requirement. In situations where personal use is permitted the API can allow for the addition of family members and guests for the control employee allowing myairops flight operations software to be managing operational aspects of personal use recording and reporting, such as Standard Industry Fare Level (SIFL) calculations.
  • Website charter quote integration – a broker organisation who wishes to integrate their website and sales platform with myairops flight which can perform the recording of demand, the management of quotations and the production of invoices. When a charter request is issued through the website or via workflows already built in to their CRM platform, the trip request is automatically entered in to the myairops flight platform. This simplifies data flow of sectors, trip notes, passenger manifest and also allows the sales workflow to be completely managed within the myairops flight system. Updates to the trip can be alerted to the customer as they happen and trip details can be manipulated directly through the website which in turn updates the trip, and associated sectors, within the myairops flight system.
  • Automated system integrations e.g. automated Avinode RFQ workflow. Through the use of web hooks (event callbacks) within the Avinode platform, any RFQ that your organisation receives can be automatically created, updated or cancelled through the Booking API. This allows for all management, reporting and workflow to be managed within the myairops flight system whilst harnessing the scale of the Avinode platform.

Tools for Developers

Here at myairops we understand that the world moves quickly – time to market is important. We have enabled and supported our customers to get custom applications and websites integrated with the myairops flight platform in weeks not months.

All our APIs are provided with detailed API specifications and examples, so whether your development team is building a custom integration, or an app that is powered by myairops, our guides support them every step of the way.

What if I don’t have a development team in-house?

In some circumstances an organization wants to achieve an integration but they do not have access to the development resources to enable them to achieve their goal. In these circumstances myairops offer the ability to white label our products. This allows you to place your branding and corporate style; meaning customers or employees believe they are using a product from your own organization.

If you are interested in knowing more about how our white labelled apps and services can meet your specific needs, and enable you to grow and automate, then please use the contact us form below.